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    None of this is normal or comfortable, but we will still find ways to connect and be in this together.

  • 006-boy-1

    K-3rd Kids Church!

    Hey kids! Click through here if you are in Kindergarten through 3rd grade! We've got a special class for you guys. If you have something to draw on and some crayons, go grab 'em!

  • 008-boy

    4th - 7th Kids Church!

    Hey! You there! Yes, you kids grades 4 through 7. The down side of doing virtual church is that we can't pull pranks on the Youth Pastor, but we can still hang out. Click on over!

  • 005-man


    I don't care what you've experienced at church in the past, single people are human too. Wanna connect with other singles?! No, this isn't a dating site.

  • 002-family-2


    How cool is is that you get to quarantine with you special other?! This is a great chance to have weird virtual connection with other human beings that you aren't trapped in a house with.

  • 001-family-1


    This video chat room might be utter chaos, we're not sure yet. Make sure to mute you mic when you're not talking. Yes, we can hear the dog barking and the kids screaming and the smoke detector going off. You've got this families! Keep going!

  • 003-grandparents

    Post-Kid Couples

    You're probably missing your kids and your grandkids like crazy right now. If you want to connect with a few others who understand your pain, this is the place!

  • 010-woman-1

    The Cooking Club

    Suddenly everyone is becoming master chefs (thanks YouTube!). Want to connect with others who are working on mastering their kitchen-skills?

  • 009-jogging

    The Active Club

    Wonder what others are doing to stay in shape while all the gyms are closed? Or are you look for a place to brag about the heavy things you picked up and put back down? This is the group for you.

Group Video Chat

Best Practices

  • Mute Your Mic

    Keep your mic muted except when you're actively talking, so the background noise of your house doesn't make it hard to hear others.

  • Good Lighting

    Make sure people can see your face with good lighting. Avoid bright back-light from a window or bright lamp that makes you a giant silhouette.

  • Have Fun

    Make sure to participate in the group. Introduce yourself to people you don't know, get to know your pew neighbors.